The Ministry of Construction commented on fines for glazing balconies

The Ministry of Construction said that fines for glazed balconies are not an innovation This comment was given by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities, RIA Novosti reports.

The department stressed that the order of the Ministry of Construction does not introduce any new requirements for citizens-owners – fines for glazed balconies existed before. “Supervisory authorities have the right to apply penalties for violation of the rules of redevelopment and reconstruction, as well as regional improvement rules, if they contain requirements for the appearance of buildings,” the Ministry of Construction explained.

A new order of the ministry will enter into in force on 1 March 2022. The main change that he makes to the existing rules is that the requirements for the use of residential premises will also be imposed on legal entities in whose ownership it is located. Previously, the rules did not concern them.

Earlier in December, information appeared that people would be fined for unauthorized paneling and glazing of the balcony. All adjustments to the design of the facade will need to be coordinated with special authorities. The amount of the fine for violation will be five thousand rubles. Konstantin Krokhin, a lawyer and member of the Housing and Utilities Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, explained that such a measure is aimed at combating the redevelopment of residential premises.