The head of the UFC reacted to the refusal of the star of the promotion to fight with Chimaev

UFC head Dane White reacted to Nate Diaz's words about Khamzat Chimaev stars of the promotion of Nate Diaz on plans to organize for his fight with the Chechen Khamzat Chimaev. This is reported by TMZ.

White did not agree with the reason given by Diaz, who refused a possible fight against Chimaev. The American referred to the lack of experience of the Swedish fighter of Chechen origin and called him a newcomer. The head of the UFC noted that he has a different opinion.

“There are guys who are a little more experienced and less experienced. Khamzat is ready to fight anyone in different weight categories. Ready to replace an injured, withdrawn fighter. He fights regularly, he is here and now wants to fight you. Here it is – reality. On the other hand, people may refuse to meet with him. I don’t blame them for that, ”White said.

Diaz publicly denied a possible fight with Chimaev. Prior to this, White had expressed an interest in conducting such a fight. Chimaev reacted sharply to Diaz's refusal, calling him a “fake gangster.”

Chimaev won four UFC victories in four fights. The Chechen completed all the fights ahead of schedule. In total, he has ten victories in ten fights at the professional level.