Russian senator ridiculed Ukraine's “zeal” to join NATO

Senator Pushkov: Ukraine will continue to break into NATO, trying to drag the alliance into a war with Russia a NATO member. The senator shared his opinion on the Telegram channel.

According to Pushkov, Ukraine intends to join NATO in order to drag the alliance into a conflict with Russia.

“Chairman of the Munich conference Wolfgang Ischinger gave advice to Ukraine : behave like Finland in relations with NATO and with Russia. The NATO country representative's advice is quite wise, but for this very reason the current Kiev authorities are not able to accept it. There is no one in Kiev to understand this: the level does not allow, and the country is not a pity. So they will whistle and whine to join NATO, trying to drag the alliance into a war with Russia, “Pushkov believes.

Earlier, the head of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger advised Ukraine to follow the example of Finland in building relations with Ukraine , which is part of the European Union, but is not a member of the alliance. The German diplomat said that Russia has long feared that the United States intends to bring Ukraine into NATO. However, Ischinger emphasized, “this is a red line for Russia.”



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