Requirements for finishing apartments after the pandemic named

Designer Beriestine: after the pandemic, interiors will prefer large windows

lighting and large windows. Spanish interior designer Jaime Beriestain named the requirements for finishing apartments in an interview with RBC.

During the conversation, the designer shared his assumptions about what materials in interiors will be popular. According to him, the coronavirus pandemic will affect architecture. Residents will want to build their premises in such a way that more fresh air can enter them. The surfaces of objects will be smooth so as not to absorb foreign substances.

The designer also emphasized the prospect of the development of the trend towards sustainability and care for nature. “And, of course, there will be more eco-materials in finishing, as the trend towards sustainability is becoming central to all aspects of our lives, from food to cars. That is why I assign a special role to natural materials in my projects, “Beriestine explained.

In November 2020, the Houzz interior design and renovation project experts named the requirements for houses after the pandemic. Top trends include light-colored interiors and multifunctional spaces, as well as sports facilities.



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