Putin spoke about Polish border guards adding herbicides to water

Vladimir Putin: Polish border guards add herbicides to water to disperse migrants Red Cross and Red Crescent ”Francesco Roccoy said that Polish border guards add herbicides to the water used to disperse migrants on the border with Belarus. This is reported by TASS.

“Well, you cannot water people not only with water, but also mix herbicides and pesticides into this water in order to cause burns and other serious consequences for these migrants, including , in women and young children, ”the Russian leader said. Putin added that “this does not at all fit with the principles of humane treatment of migrants.”

The Russian President urged Rokka to pay attention to Poland's behavior in the situation with migrants. “How many people have already died at the border. Buried there already. They are buried there almost every day. Well, this is just a disaster, “he said.

During the same conversation, Vladimir Putin also said that there were no migration flows through Russian territory towards Europe. He also expressed the hope that this will not happen in the future.

Since the beginning of November, the migration crisis continues on the Polish-Belarusian border. Thousands of refugees from the Middle East approached the barriers at the border and tried to enter the territory of the European Union. The Polish security forces had to use additional forces to contain their pressure. The European Union accused the official Minsk of aggravating the situation with migrants.

Against this background, the Russian Red Cross began raising funds to provide assistance to the Belarusian Red Cross in connection with the migration crisis.



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