Prince William was furious over the photo of Kate Middleton

Prince William got angry because of the photo of Kate Middleton on the bus on the way to the interview

British Prince William got angry with his photographers Kate Middleton on public transport, writes Daily Express.

The picture was taken 15 years ago. At that time, the future wife of a member of the royal family used public transport, and the paparazzi followed her everywhere, including on the road. Royal expert Richard Palmer clarified that she was photographed on a London bus traveling along Kings Road, on that day, Middleton was heading for an interview.

“William was worried that his girlfriend was being stalked just like his mother. And we all know what it led to, ”Professor Suzannah Lipscomb explained the reason for the prince's concern. “The danger was that the photographer had been following Kate all day. William was furious, “- said biographer Marcia Moody.

Earlier, Prince William brought Kate Middleton to tears. The young man in 2006 promised the girl that he would celebrate the New Year with her, but in the end chose to stay with his family.



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