Man poisoned his wife for multimillion-dollar insurance

A debtor from China married his beloved and poisoned her for insurance with whom he was married for two months, for the sake of multimillion-dollar insurance. AsiaOne reports.

A man named Dai convinced a lover named Wang to purchase insurance for two million yuan (23.1 million rubles). Insurance was to be paid to her father. The couple got married in July, and four days after the wedding, he changed the name of the beneficiary to his own.

Dai is suspected of secretly replacing pearl powder in capsules with poison two months after the wedding and tricking Wang into drinking two pills when he was not at home. Presumably, the Chinese man had been planning the assassination for several months. Prosecutors said he used the names of five of his friends to order the ingredients for the poisoning. Dai purchased dried puffer fish and tetrodotoxin poison, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Colleagues found the woman dead two days later when they arrived to find out why she did not show up for work.

According to According to preliminary data, Dai poisoned his wife in the hope of getting money. The Chinese had a debt of 2.6 million yuan (30 million rubles) due to unsuccessful investments in cryptocurrency and stocks.

The Wang family stated that they only found out about the marriage after her death. One of the relatives said: “We knew that she had a boyfriend, but we never saw him or knew anything about him. Wang's father wanted to see him, but the guy used every possible excuse to avoid meeting. ”

The man confessed to killing his wife. The court announced that the decision would be made later.

Earlier it became known that in the US state of California, a father who killed his sons for the sake of multimillion-dollar insurance went to prison for 212 years. He deliberately caused a fatal accident that resulted in the death of two sons with autism.