Lukashenko assessed the likelihood of a Russian attack on Ukraine

President of Belarus Lukashenko: Russia is not going to attack Ukraine

Western countries accuse Russia of preparing an attack on Ukraine in order to “thresh” Moscow … This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA informs.

He assessed the likelihood of preparations for a Russian “invasion” of Ukrainian territory and stressed that the West, blaming Russia for this, is trying to put a label on it.

“Nobody in Russia is going to attack Ukraine. Russia sees perfectly well what is happening in Ukraine. And what is happening there and what NATO and the Americans are planning there is unacceptable not only for Russia, but also for us, because we are close here, ”Lukashenka noted.

The head of state added that“ what -that endings “in this direction should be expected after the New Year.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported that the military attaché of Ukraine had received a note of protest in connection with the violation of the Belarusian state border. The ministry accused Kiev of conducting military exercises in the border zone and “accusatory rhetoric” against Minsk.