In a Russian city, they began to save a 160-year-old oak tree

In Oryol, specialists tried to save a 160-year-old oak tree from death using polyurethane foam

which for several decades has been suffering from a hole in the barrel. This was reported by the Orel State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

As noted, we are talking about a tree on the Victory Boulevard of the Russian city. Over the past 20 years, a hole in oak has been sealed with a concrete cork, but it has only hurt. As a result, it was decided to fill the hole with polyurethane foam, which, experts hope, will give the tree an opportunity to recover.

“It was decided that the best thing to do was foaming the tree: foam is a good insulator,” said the chief production specialist. Nikolay Kotashevsky, the technical department of the MCU “UKH of the city of Orel”.

According to him, before that the oak was treated for parasites. In three years, experts plan to remove the new patch and assess how it affected the condition of the tree.

Earlier it was reported that in the Ivan Turgenev Museum-Reserve Spasskoye-Lutovinovo in the Oryol Region, a hurricane knocked down an oak tree that was planted by the writer 198 years ago. In addition to him, several old spruces, ash trees, birches and trees on the old linden alley were damaged.