Doctors have named a way to improve brain function in ten minutes

Doctors from the University of Tsukuba in Japan: jogging for ten minutes improves brain function Japanese University of Tsukuba, they published the results of their scientific work in the journal Scientific Reports.

Doctors studied the condition of 26 healthy men and women who were not involved in jogging. They were divided into two groups. One of them participated in ten-minute runs, and the second was a control one. The investigators used the Stroop test, in which there are tasks for matching different words and colors, as well as an assessment of infrared spectroscopy. A two-dimensional scale allowed experts to measure the mood of the volunteers.

After analyzing the data, scientists called this type of physical activity a simple way to improve brain function: a gentle ten-minute run significantly increases local blood flow in various areas of the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for communication with other people, speed of decision-making, achievement of goals, self-control, and other cognitive functions. After a short workout, all participants noted an increase in their mood.

Earlier, triathlon coach Alexander Halamanov said that morning jogging can significantly reduce excess weight. After sleep and a long interval between meals, the level of insulin in the body decreases, so the process of burning fat is faster.