Cardiologist named a way to lower cholesterol levels for people under 40

Doctor Korenevich: physical activity will help people under 40 years old

Cardiologist, Ph.D. cholesterol levels. She told about this on her YouTube channel.

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Korenevich believes that people under 40 will help to lower blood cholesterol by proper nutrition and regular physical activity. At the same time, it is especially important to pay attention to the foods that make up the diet.

The doctor also dispelled the myth that proper nutrition means avoiding salty, spicy and fried foods. There should be no strict prohibitions in food and any changes should occur smoothly, added the cardiologist.

“Unfortunately, there are no pills to raise good cholesterol, there are only drugs to lower bad cholesterol. But this is not enough, “said Korenevich. The specialist recommended that you regularly eat fatty sea fish and vegetable, flaxseed, hemp and olive oils.

Earlier it was reported that a nutritionist called a cheap product to lower cholesterol. To normalize cholesterol levels, you can eat sesame seeds, but you should not use them daily, nutritionist Anna Drobysheva said.