Blogger reveals an unexpected way to get red wine off white clothes

Blogger Chantelle Mila: Shaving Foam Will Remove Red Wine Stains From White Fabric clothes and delighted netizens. The Sun journalists drew attention to her video on TikTok.

Blogger Chantelle Mila regularly shares with her subscribers life hacks on cleaning the house. In one of the posts, the girl said that she uses inexpensive shaving foam to remove stubborn stains from fabric. The blogger demonstrated how she rubs a small amount of the product on a dirty area, and then rinses thoroughly with water after a few minutes.

“Shaving foam is not only for shaving, it is also an amazing stain remover that is great for carpets and for mattresses, ”she assured. The post went viral and received almost four thousand likes. The subscribers thanked her for the advice. “Thank you, I will definitely test this method!” a way to remove the stain from the carpet with the help of available tools. In footage posted online, Leanne Lewis revealed that she accidentally spilled self-tanner on her carpet. To remove the stain, she said, she moistened it generously with micellar water, then applied baking soda and left the mixture on the fabric for 10 minutes. After that, the blogger cleaned the stain with a hard bristle brush.