America's Next Top Model member reveals the brutal truth about filming

Participant in America's Next Top Model about the show: Models were paid $ 38 a day

A participant in the ninth season of the reality show America's Next Top Model revealed the truth about the show's brutal filming conditions. The Independent publishes the relevant material.

Plus-size model Sarah Hartshorne shared stories on her Twitter page about unpleasant aspects of participation in the mentioned project, after which her tweets went viral and attracted media attention.

It turned out that aspiring models were paid only 38 dollars (approximately 1000 rubles at the 2007 exchange rate) per day, which they spent entirely on food, since the producers did not provide them with food. At the same time, Hartshorne noted that the participants did not have the opportunity to purchase a microwave.

It is also noted that at the same time supermodel and actress Tyra Banks, who was the lead and executive producer of the project, earned $ 30 million (780 million rubles for 2007) for one shooting year.

Hartshorne, 34, also said the team intimidated the contestants and forced them to sign numerous non-disclosure contracts. Similar agreements were obliged to sign the relatives with whom the girls called up during the filming.

“I never said that I hate the project. The tweet that got everyone excited is dry numbers and facts. I am glad that I had such an experience in my life, but I also believe that we should have been paid, because it is fair, “she said later on social networks.

In conclusion, the heroine of the material stated that participation in “Top Model” did not help the winners and other participants to move up the career ladder. After the end of the next season, Banks interrupted all communication with the contestants.

In October, the model also revealed life-threatening working conditions at Victoria's Secret. Erin Heatherton (Erin Heatherton) admitted that the conflict with the leadership began while she put on a few pounds due to age-related changes in the body. The girl said that in fear of dismissal, she went to extreme measures to lose weight.



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