A woman mistakenly wore a repairman's sweatshirt at home in front of him for a week

The writer wore the sweatshirt of a worker who was renovating her house for a week. By mistake, she wore a repairman's sweatshirt at home in front of him for a week. The Daily Star reporters drew attention to her publication on Twitter.

The woman shared the embarrassing situation that had occurred between her and a worker who was renovating a house. She explained that she often wears the clothes of her lover, and for the last week she wore his sweatshirt with a hood. When the heroine of the material returned it to the young man, he declared that it was someone else's thing.

“I realized with horror that I had put on the sweatshirt of our builder. One day I fell asleep in a sweatshirt, and in the morning I left my room in it and greeted him in his own clothes. I feel so ashamed!” – she explained. After Brady realized her mistake, she discreetly left the hoodie in the room where the construction worker was working.

The woman's publication went viral and got more than 86 thousand likes. The story of the writer made netizens laugh, and they began to write about in the comments. “How uncomfortable it turned out!” they.

In January, a Russian stole a jacket in a church and found a large sum of money in his pocket. The incident took place in Irkutsk, a 41-year-old resident of Cheremkhovo, whose name was not disclosed, secretly put on someone else's thing and left the church building. At the same time, he later found documents, keys to an apartment and a car, as well as half a million rubles in his pocket.