A man has lived for over 45 years with a raised hand

A resident of India held his hand up for 45 years as a proof of devotion to God Shiva Shiva has no plans to lower it. This is reported by Unilad.

In 1973, Amar Bharati led a modest life and worked at an Indian Bank. He had a wife and three children. Suddenly, he decided to give up everything he had and devote his life to the god Shiva.

As a proof of his commitment to the deity and as a sign of support for world peace, the man decided to keep his hand up and never lower it. At first, he was in great pain. But after about two years, the pain subsided, and the man stopped feeling his hand, as it atrophied.

“I'm not asking for much. Why do we always fight with each other? Why is there so much hatred and enmity around? I want all Indians to live in peace. I want the whole world to live in peace, “the man said.

Even if he wants to lower his arm, he will not be able to do so due to nerve damage and lack of blood circulation in the limb.

< p> Shiva is one of the deities of the supreme triad in Hinduism. He personifies both destructive and creative nature.

Earlier it was reported that rescuers in the province of Phitsanulok, Thailand, rescued a Buddhist monk who went to meditate and was trapped in a flooded cave for several days. If the monk had not been missed, he could have died.



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