A black box of the Earth will be built in Australia in case of human death

A black box of the Earth will be installed in Australia in case of a global climatic catastrophe the last decades of human civilization in case of death due to a global climate catastrophe. ABC reports this.

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It will be installed on the west coast of the Australian island of Tasmania by the end of 2022. The task of the box is to document all the steps of mankind, bringing it closer to an ecological catastrophe. The recorder is made for the future inhabitants of the planet so that they can understand the reason for the disappearance of civilization.

The size of the box will be comparable to the size of a city bus. Inside it will be data storage devices recording information on changes in the level of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere and the average annual temperature in various regions of the planet. The recorder will receive energy from solar panels. The box will collect online global warming data from the Internet.

“If the Earth does change irreversibly as a result of global warming, then this indestructible recording device will allow those who remain to learn from what happened. In addition, it [the black box] will become evidence of the responsibility of world leaders for what happened, their actions or inaction will be recorded, “said one of the authors of the project, Jim Curtis.

Construction of the recorder will begin in 2022, but the necessary data are going now. The first information in the box will be information about the UN climate conference in Glasgow.

“We plan to use several encoding formats and are exploring the possibility of integrating a special reader that can be activated by placing it in sunlight,” the scientists said.

In November, after two weeks of discussions, the participants of the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change agreed on the text of its final statement. Diplomats from nearly 200 countries have pledged to cut carbon emissions, ditch certain fossil fuels, and increase aid to poor countries on the front lines of climate change.

The Climate Conference was scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland since 31 October to November 12, however, the event was extended by one day due to conflicts between delegations.



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