Unidentified attacked the US military base in Syria

Al Arabiya: US military base in Syrian Al-Tanf was attacked

US military base in Syrian Al-Tanf attacked by unknown forces. This is reported by TASS with reference to the journalists of the Al-Arabiya TV channel.

According to the information received, several strikes were struck at the place of deployment of the US military and the forces of the Western coalition. Syrian television adds that explosions were also heard on the territory of the base itself, which is located in the Syrian province of Homs, near the border with Iraq.

No data on casualties, injuries or damage caused has been reported yet. There was no official reaction from the American command either. It is also unknown who may be behind the organization of this attack.

The same base has already been subjected to rocket fire and drone strikes. During the October attack, the attackers targeted barracks and outbuildings. Members of the American command then confirmed the fact of the attack, but clarified that there were no dead or wounded among the US military personnel. However, the raid caused fires on the territory of the base, which caused some material damage.



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