The US called “Poseidon” a lever of pressure on Russia in negotiations with Washington

19FortyFive: Poseidon Will Give Putin Leverage In Arms Talks which Moscow can use in negotiations with the United States. Military expert Brent Eastwood writes about this in 19FortyFive.

He explains that this type of weapon is not a missile and this makes classification difficult during arms control negotiations. In addition, the potentially unlimited range and secrecy of Poseidon could be a response to Washington's deployment of a global missile defense system, giving President Vladimir Putin leverage on the Americans.

It is noted that the target of Poseidon, armed with nuclear warheads up to two megatons, coastal cities of the United States are capable of becoming. According to the publication, by 2027 Russia will have 50 such torpedoes.

In August, the American edition of USNI News noted that the image from space by Maxar Technologies demonstrating the 20183 project Akademik Aleksandrov oceanographic research vessel in Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region), you can see a product that resembles the dimensions of the Russian torpedo of the apocalypse – the Poseidon 2M39 nuclear underwater drone.



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