The Russian who drove the policeman on the hood ended up without a license

A resident of Derbent identified who ran into a traffic police inspector and drove him on the hood the hood of the car. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan reported this on Instagram.

The violator was 27-year-old Basharatov Mehman Nazim-Ogly. After the incident with the policeman, he left the car and fled, now they are looking for him. It is known that he does not have a driver's license. Whether he was intoxicated will be revealed after his arrest.

What exactly prompted the man (with an obvious opportunity to avoid an incident) to become a defendant in a criminal case remains to be seen, the police said.

Earlier it was reported that the policeman decided to stop the tinted car, but the driver ignored his demand. The traffic police officer tried to block the road and threw himself on the hood of the car, which did not slow down. After a few meters, the man fell. The policeman, being on the hood, managed to record the driver on video; he faces charges of violence against a government official.



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