The man jumped out of a moving plane and escaped with a leg injury

An American jumped out of a moving plane, injured his leg, and then locked himself in the airport

An American jumped out of a plane at Phoenix Skye International Airport in the state of Arizona. The plane was moving towards one of the exits, CNN reports.

The man used a hatch in the tail section of the aircraft, fell onto the runway and escaped with a leg injury. Then he locked himself in one of the airport rooms. The pilot immediately stopped the plane and notified the air traffic controllers.

“After a few minutes, the firefighters were able to persuade the man to open the door, where he was then examined, provided the necessary assistance and taken to a local hospital, he injured his lower limb,” said the representative airlines.

Earlier in the United States, a passenger tried to break into the cockpit after landing, and then left the board through an emergency inflatable ladder. By this time, the pilots had managed to report the rowdy to the air traffic control service.



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