The girl dyed her eyebrows for 588 rubles and stayed with Nike logos on her face

An American woman dyed her eyebrows for 588 rubles and could not wash the paint off her face beauty and showed an unsuccessful result. The Sun journalists drew attention to the video published on TikTok.

In the footage posted on the network, Grace Hagan explained that she decided to go for a manicure in her hometown, whose name is not specified. After the procedure, the master suggested that the American dye her eyebrows cheaply. Hagan noted that the price of eight dollars (588 rubles) seemed strange to her, since in New York she pays 50 dollars (3600 rubles) for a similar service.

Despite this, the girl agreed to dyeing, however after the session, she saw in the mirror that her eyebrows had become too dark. “I asked to completely wash off the paint from my face, but the master said that she had already done it. I left the salon and realized that I shouldn't have expected more for eight dollars. Now I can't wash it off – my eyebrows look like the Nike logo, “she shared.

The video went viral and got 10.2 million views and 803.9 thousand likes. “Netizens supported Hagan in the comments below the post. “Don't worry, you don't look so bad!” varnish, “they wrote.

Earlier in December, the girl dyed her eyebrows at home and could not wash the paint off her face. In the footage posted online, Beth explained that she has dyed her eyebrows for several years. However, during the last procedure, the girl accidentally overexposed the dye for longer than the prescribed time, and it stuck into her skin.