The emergence of new strains of coronavirus explained

Head of the Rocca Red Cross: new strains of COVID-19 appear due to low vaccination

President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Francesco Rocca linked the emergence of new strains of coronavirus with the insufficient level of vaccination of the population around the world as a whole. The head of the humanitarian organization said this in an interview with RT.

Rocca explained that stopping the spread and mutation of the coronavirus is possible only under conditions of universal vaccination. “If the opportunity to get vaccinated is not provided to absolutely all people on earth, then the risk of new strains will be extremely high,” the head of the Red Cross said.

The expert is also concerned that other countries may conceal their discoveries about new strains from the world scientific community for fear of new restrictions and sanctions, as was the case with South Africa after the discovery of the omicron strain. “You cannot blame South African scientists for pointing out this new discovery to the scientific community. This is simply ridiculous and threatens our future, “Rokka believes.

Earlier in December, Simon Matskeplishvili, Deputy Director of the Lomonosov Medical Center, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, called a dangerous mistake in treating patients with coronavirus infection. According to him, in the overwhelming majority of cases, you can do without drugs that suppress the immune system, since the body of a patient with COVID-19 extremely rarely also clings to a bacterial infection.



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