Source of unverified reports of Trump's ties to Russia revealed

The Nation: the source of fakes about Trump's connection with Moscow was the headquarters of Hillary Clinton Cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann, hired by Hillary Clinton's headquarters, has become with Russia. These are the conclusions reached by the writer and journalist Barry Meyer, he revealed them in an article published in The Nation.

According to him, unconfirmed information about the secret connection between Moscow and the Trump Organization got into the American press through the Fusion GPS company. engaged in commercial investigations.

In 2016, this company was hired by representatives of the headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Lawyer Michael Sassmann worked with Fusion GPS, and he disseminated fakes among journalists. At the same time, Sassmann denies such accusations.

Representatives of Fusion GPS claimed that the servers of Alfa Bank and Trump's companies exchanged signals. However, they could not provide evidence that the signals were not marketing spam or white noise.

In April 2019, United States Special Attorney Robert Mueller published a report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, which was won by Donald Trump. The report says that Moscow did interfere in the American electoral process, but the existing suspicions about the connection between the Russian side and Trump could not be confirmed.