Rudinstein's colleagues spoke about his death

Director Barshchevsky about the death of Rudinstein: he was a reliable person, a patriot of Soviet cinema about his death. They expressed their condolences in an interview with TASS.

Director Dmitry Barshchevsky said that Rudinstein supported faith in Russian cinema during a difficult period, including with the help of Kinotavr.

“He was a reliable person, a patriot of Soviet cinema. In the most difficult years for the national cinema, he supported in us the belief that our cinema would be revived. “Kinotavr”, his personal participation as a producer in the creation of many films, his personal charm, the strength and confidence emanating from him have always supported us all, “Barshchevsky recalled.

President of the Academy of Russian Television Foundation, Aleksandr Akopov, a member of the Board of Directors of the Guild of Producers of Russia, noted that Rudinstein took care of people even in the most difficult years, “during and after perestroika.” “Thanks to him and people like him, the film process has not stopped. Sometimes it took different forms, but did not stop, “Akopov emphasized.

Rudinstein has invested colossal efforts and energy into “Kinotavr”, said operator Mikhail Agranovich in an interview with the agency. According to him, the festival still exists “largely thanks to him.” Producer Sergei Melkumov, in turn, called Rudinstein a bright person. “Deepest regrets. A bright, interesting person. I made the first big festival in our country, a real festival, “he said.

Mark Rudinstein died on December 5 at the age of 76 in a Moscow hospital. On November 17, he was hospitalized with a heart attack, doctors diagnosed myocardial infarction, later the film producer fell into a coma, he was connected to a ventilator. At the end of November, Rudinstein underwent an urgent tracheostomy.

Mark Rudinstein was born on April 7, 1946 in Odessa. From the age of 15 he worked as a ship assembler at a factory, then served in the army. In 1972-1976 he studied at the Boris Shchukin Theater School (Boris Shchukin Theater Institute at the Evgeny Vakhtangov State Academic Theater).



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