Muscovites named the timing of the offensive in the capital of “serious winter”

Head of the Hydrometeorological Center Vilfand: On December 10, a “serious winter” will begin in Moscow

The head of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, told Muscovites the timing of a “serious winter” in the capital. He told TASS about this.

According to him, the temperature background is such that both at night and in the daytime in the near future in Moscow the thermometers will drop below zero. At the same time, he noted that Tuesday, December 7, will be an exception, the temperature will fluctuate from minus 1 to plus 1 degrees. The weather forecaster said that the capital will have mild winter weather, but from Friday a cold snap will begin. From December 10, night temperatures will already be minus 10-15 degrees, and during the day – 7-10 degrees below zero. “This is already such a serious winter,” said Wilfand.

In addition, Vilfand added that the snow cover in Moscow will remain until spring. He also noted that in some districts of the capital, the height of snowdrifts is from five to ten centimeters.

Earlier, the forecaster warned the residents of the country about the abnormally severe weather in a number of regions. According to him, very cold weather will come in the Northwestern Federal District. He explained that there will be very noticeable anomalies – the temperature will be 8-10 degrees below normal in the next three days. So, in the Murmansk region and Karelia it will be minus 17-22 degrees, and in the Vologda region – up to minus 29 degrees. In the Leningrad Region, the thermometer will drop to minus 14-19 degrees.