Elderly Greek priest calls Pope a heretic

Greek priest staged a protest against the Pope and called him a heretic called him a heretic, according to the portal in.gr.

An elderly man appeared before the meeting of the Pope with the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Jerome in the Archdiocese of Athens. “Papa, are you a heretic?” The priest began to shout as Pope walked to the archdiocese. He managed to utter the phrase three times before the police took him away. It is reported that he is a regular participant in the rallies.

Earlier, a Ukrainian priest publicly wished Russia “shit”. The cleric substantiated his behavior by the existence of “Moscow separatist priests”, with whom residents of the region often communicate, attending their sermons, and added that he “worries about Ukraine.” “Clear? I'm telling you the truth. I will not come to any other events. Because this is shit! Glory to Ukraine, shit to Russia! ” – the representative of the OCU wished.