Analysts have recorded a rise in prices for secondary housing

Kommersant: Experts predicted a decrease in the rate of growth in prices for secondary housing indicators, analysts predicted. This was reported by Kommersant with reference to market experts.

Analysts note that the pre-New Year rush contributed to the rise in prices. According to CIAN, the average cost of secondary real estate in 16 largest Russian cities amounted to 104.9 thousand rubles per square meter, an increase of 2.4 percent compared to the previous month. Etazhi and Avito Nedvizhimost came to similar conclusions.

According to experts, Russians are trying to invest their savings in real estate due to high inflation and fears of further growth in the cost of mortgage lending. In addition, interest in secondary housing is fueled by a shortage of new buildings at the final stage of construction. However, by 2022, about a third of sellers will be ready to lower the cost of properties, which means that the rate of growth in prices for secondary housing may decrease.