Unexpected benefits of mineral water named

Nutritionist Stepanova: magnesium sulphate mineral water is effective for constipation .

Table mineral water contains the least amount of salt, up to one gram per pour. Next comes the medical dining room, in which the concentration of salts reaches up to ten grams per pour. In medicinal products, this figure exceeds ten grams per molding. According to the specialist, table mineral water can be drunk without restrictions. It is used in cooking. “Medical and medical dining rooms are only for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes,” Stepanova explained.

Mineral waters can be divided into several more categories. So, chloride are used as a metabolic stimulant, help with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Hydrocarbonate waters can reduce the acidity of gastric juice, they are recommended to drink in the presence of kidney stones. Sulfate are indispensable for diabetes or obesity. Mixed mineral waters, for example, hydrocarbonate-sulfate, are indicated for gastritis and ulcers.

According to the content of trace elements, mineral water can be potassium, magnesium, iodine, bromine, siliceous, sodium. The specialist named the unexpected benefits of mineral water. “Magnesium sulfate waters are effective for constipation, diseases of the biliary tract, atherosclerosis,” she said.

Earlier, Russians were warned that large quantities of mineral water can be hazardous to health due to the dissolved salts it contains .



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