Nutritionist refutes the long-standing myth of drinking two liters of water a day

Doctor Chekhonin: the amount of fluid is calculated per kilogram of body weight

Conclusions of American scientists To maintain health, you should drink two liters of water every day, they sound convincing, said nutritionist Yulia Chekhonina in a conversation with Channel Five. She explained that it is important to consume two liters – not just water, but liquid in general, thereby refuting the well-established myth.

The specialist noted that liquid is present in many food products. “We also get water in food – up to 800 milliliters. Another 400 milliliters is formed in our body – this is an endogenous fluid, “Chekhonina said.

The nutritionist emphasized that the exact amount of fluid a person needs is calculated for each kilogram of normal body weight. That is, initially it is necessary to find out what mass for the patient can be considered normal – based on the rest of his physiological parameters.

If a person is struggling with excess weight, you should not increase the volume of fluid by extra pounds, the doctor added. >

Previously, nutritionist Yana Grishina revealed the benefits of dark chocolate: according to her, it contains less sugar and more antioxidants than milk chocolate. When consuming this product, most of the calories come from fat rather than carbohydrates. In addition, the nutritionist named dark chocolate as a source of minerals.



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