Japanese doctor reveals unexpected benefits of chocolate

Therapist Mori: Reduces the Risk of Heart Attacks for Chocolate Lovers In his opinion, among those who like to regularly consume this product, the risk of heart attack is reduced, his words are quoted by the Diamond online magazine.

Dark chocolate contains many useful substances, in particular, flavonols. They, according to the physician, activate the synthesis of nitric oxide inside the blood vessels. In turn, nitric oxide expands blood vessels and the pressure decreases.

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Mori explained that many refuse chocolate, believing that the product causes tooth decay. Meanwhile, the specialist emphasized that milk chocolate in large quantities is actually harmful.

A Japanese therapist recommended including walnuts, almonds and pistachios in the diet. These foods are especially effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels. These snacks are best for an afternoon snack, Mori added.

Earlier, Australian nutritionist Sara Di Lorenzo named several ways to lose weight without giving up alcohol.

According to Di Lorenzo, it is important to understand how many calories are in different alcoholic drinks. The most dangerous for the figure are cocktails and drinks containing sweet syrups and soda. For example, a doctor advises drinking gin and soda, rather than gin and tonic, because in the first option there are only 83 kilocalories, and in the second – 183.



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