Italian wanted COVID certificate with ruse and failed

La Repubblica: an Italian gave out a silicone prosthesis for his hand for the sake of a COVID certificate without vaccination, came up with a clever trick to avoid being vaccinated, but failed. The man bought a silicone prosthesis and tried to pass him off for his hand, but he failed to deceive the doctors, writes La Repubblica.

It turned out that 57-year-old dentist Guido Russo had previously been suspended for refusing to be vaccinated. Then the Italian decided to buy a prosthesis and try to deceive doctors with it in order to get a certificate and return to work without making a vaccine against COVID-19. However, during the procedure, the deception was quickly revealed: the nurse noticed that the man's “skin” was cold and resembled rubber. In addition, she was too bright.

Realizing that he had been exposed, the Italian tried to persuade his colleague to close his eyes to his act, but she still reported to the police and accused the man of fraud. At the moment, local law enforcement agencies are conducting an investigation.

The publication drew attention to the fact that the idea of ​​using an artificial limb could come to mind not only Russo – it is indicated that posts with various prostheses that people can use when vaccination.

Earlier, the Russians were exposed to a new vaccination fraud. Honored Lawyer of Russia Ivan Soloviev warned that attackers began to steal funds from citizens under the guise of paying benefits for vaccinations.



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