Doctors warn about the dangers of Christmas toys

Therapist Asanov: toxic substances in Christmas toys cause chemical poisoning When choosing them, you need to study the composition of the product, the interviewed doctors told RIA Novosti.

Physician-therapist Timur Asanov said that manufacturers of Christmas tree decorations use toxic substances: their products pass according to GOST if the “poisons” do not exceed the established norm … However, this situation does not take into account the danger of accumulation of such substances in the human body. From this point of view, plastic toys are the most toxic.

Plastic products made from low-quality raw materials often lead to the release of toxic substances, which threatens poisoning and allergic reactions, the specialist warned. “After all, few people admit the idea that a cute snowman, sprinkled with sparkles, or a singing snowflake, wishing all the best in the New Year, can poison,” he stressed.

“Plastic decoration should not smell harsh – such a product not worth buying, no matter how tempting the price is. It is important to study the composition of the toy. And if the manufacturer limited himself to the word “plastic”, it would be wiser to refuse to purchase, “Aslanov advised.

Garlands should be purchased only in a specialized store. They should not heat up, have thin wires, or give off a strong odor during use. In turn, pediatrician Denis Antropov urged families with small children to be wary of glass toys.

Earlier, Russians were named three signs of high-quality fireworks. Among them is the expiration date of the product.



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