Disclosed details about renting an island in the Kuril Islands by a Danish company

Litvinov's press secretary: a Danish company wants to lease only a part of the Shumshu island lease of an island in the Kuril Islands by a company from Denmark. She spoke about the desire of Copenhagen Offshore Partners to lease only part of Shumshu, writes RBC.

Litvinova confirmed that the Danish company wants to implement a project on the production of hydrogen using wind energy in Shumshu.

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By no means is it a question of renting an entire island for this. The issue of using only part of the land for the implementation of the project is being considered. It is also planned to create a museum on Shumshu, “she stressed.

The press secretary of the head of Sakhalin added that the parties are now discussing a hydrogen project. “To proceed to any specific actions, it is necessary to go through a number of procedures on the possibilities of using the land plot, to obtain data on wind characteristics, the availability of the required volume of water,” she explained.

Earlier, the Governor of Sakhalin Valery Limarenko said on the plans of the Danish company to lease an island in the Kuril Islands. Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is investing in renewable energy and is looking to produce hydrogen on the island using wind power. “This does not mean that the project will definitely take place, but serious negotiations are underway, and I am reporting this to the country's leadership,” Limarenko stressed.



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