Britain warned of natural disasters due to climate

Independent: UK government braces for disaster due to climate crisis to extreme weather conditions. The Independent reports.

Storm Arwen hit parts of England and Scotland this week, reaching nearly 100 miles per hour. Thousands of homes are still without electricity. Strong gusts of wind cut power lines, uprooted trees and created debris on the roads. The British government suggested that such natural disasters could become more frequent due to the aggravation of the climate crisis.

Minister of Enterprise, Energy and Industrial Strategy Kwasi Quarteng said that this storm was unlike any other, and promised to do every effort to restore electricity to damaged homes before Christmas. At the same time, he also noted that it is necessary to better prepare for extreme weather.

“We must be prepared for the same extreme and difficult weather conditions in the future. We need to make sure our system is sustainable in such cases, ”Quarteng said. Shadow Minister for Business, Energy and Industry Ed Miliband also stressed that extreme weather events could become more common in Britain in the future and asked the government to learn from the aftermath of Storm Arwen.

Earlier in October, US President Joe Biden linked Hurricane Ida, which hit the country in August, with global warming. The head of state estimated the damage from climate change at $ 100 billion.