Ukraine was able to influence the world of esports in Eastern Europe

The organizers of the Dota 2 tournament will change the logo due to Ukrainian laws for Ukrainian laws. The previous symbol was considered incorrect due to the possible propaganda of communist ideas by him, which is prohibited by law in Ukraine. The organizers of the tournament announced their decision on Twitter.

“Despite the already made gift sets, banners and other products, as well as a legal opinion confirming that the logo cannot be considered communist symbols, and, moreover, not is propaganda, it was decided to change the logo of the competition, ”the message says. Dota 2 developer, Valve, recommended the organizers to change the cover image of the tournament.

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Politics and esports around the world are increasingly able to influence each other as the latter gradually becomes a socially approved occupation. In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Dota 2 team from Russia on winning the international tournament The International.

Ukrainian decommunization laws affect not only the digital world, but also leisure in the real world. In September, the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance proposed to cancel the weekend of March 8 and May 1 on the grounds that the holidays on these dates run counter to the policy of decommunization and the construction of the national identity of the Ukrainian people.



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