Ukraine spoke about NATO's military plan in the event of a Russian invasion

Journalist Butusov: Kiev will receive additional weapons from NATO in the event of an invasion of the Russian Federation that NATO countries have come to positive conclusions on the possibility of supplying weapons to Kiev in the event of a Russian invasion. He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

According to him, Kiev's allies in November analyzed the capabilities of the Ukrainian army, including with a field trip. He stressed that the main subject of interest is the real combat capability of the troops in the event of a possible “Russian invasion.” “/>DPR and Ukraine declare mutual shelling and are preparing for war. Why are Russia accused of aggravating the situation in Donbass? 00:01 – April 16 ” We have nowhere to retreat “DNR head Denis Pushilin – about the threat of a big war in Donbass and the protection of Russians in Ukraine

“The West assesses this in practical interests – is it advisable to carry out large-scale arms supplies to Ukraine in the event of an invasion. And this is not a deep concern, but real intentions, an assessment of the real situation. ” The conclusions are generally positive, “the journalist said.

Butusov added that the Ukrainian side is currently trying to show the West that in the event of” Russian aggression “it will be able to use all the weapons the state has and will expect immediate additional supplies from allies.

According to the journalist, the best option for Kiev would be the direct participation of NATO aircraft on the side of Ukraine in a hypothetical conflict.

Earlier, the US called the problem for the “invasion of Russia” to Ukraine. According to analysts interviewed by Bloomberg, in the event of a “invasion” of Russia, the operation will begin no earlier than January due to weather conditions and poor road conditions. So, an expert of the American research organization Jamestown Foundation Pavel Felgenhauer said that at this time of the year there is a thaw (the period when it is impossible to drive on the roads due to mud – approx. “” ), ” that is, dirt. “