The State Duma proposed to increase the size of insurance for mortgages

RT: Deputy Vlasov proposed to increase the amount of insurance for mortgage holders to 10 million rubles Russians paying mortgages. The corresponding letter was sent to the name of the head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov. This is reported by RT with reference to a copy of the document.

The parliamentarian asks the minister to consider the possibility of increasing the amount of insurance compensation for bank deposits to 10 million rubles for mortgage holders and making appropriate amendments to federal legislation. Now Russians are guaranteed reimbursement of deposits in insured events up to 1.4 million rubles.

Vlasov recalled that in 2020 special circumstances were defined in the legislation that increase the amount of insurance compensation to 10 million rubles. These include the case when the insured event concerns accounts with the capital repair fund, money received from the sale of housing or in the process of inheritance.

However, now, Vlasov points out in a letter, the legislation does not spell out additional guarantees that increase the amount of insurance compensation for Russians who can save money in bank accounts in case of unforeseen circumstances, for example, loss of work or illness.

Earlier, experts said that Russians who want to get a mortgage, but have already received a refusal from the bank take a loan to buy a home, contrary to the decision of the lender, if they accumulate the maximum possible down payment and create a good financial reputation for themselves. A positive decision from the lender can be achieved if you make a large down payment – at least half of the cost of the apartment.