The Russians were told about the effect of an excess of vitamins on oncology

Nutritionist Solomatina: excessive consumption of vitamin A can lead to oncology

An excess of vitamins in the body can lead to negative consequences. Nutritionist Elena Solomatina told about the effect of an overdose of vitamins on a person, her words are quoted by Vechernyaya Moskva.

According to her, excessive consumption of vitamin A can lead to oncology. “It is an antioxidant and protects against oncology, but its overdose can, on the contrary, lead to oncology. In fact, in general, this applies to any vitamins, because one way or another, everyone can harm in their own way, “the specialist explained.

The expert noted that an overdose of vitamin C can lead to allergic reactions, and in the case of constant intake – to the possibility of the formation of kidney stones.

In the modern world, an overabundance of vitamins in the body is more frequent than their lack, Solomatina said. She recommended contacting specialists before taking any vitamin, and in her opinion, special attention should be paid to monovitamins.

Earlier, Candidate of Medical Sciences Oksana Mikhaleva said that increased fatigue, dizziness, numbness of the hands and disturbed gait may be signs of a deficiency of B vitamins.