The effects of coronavirus infection on the heart have been assessed

Scientists from the Research and Development Center of Tomsk have identified complications after COVID-19 on the heart and blood vessels

associated with COVID-19 pneumonia on the state of the cardiovascular system. This was reported in a press release on the website Godnauki.rf.

The study involved one hundred patients over 18 years old with a confirmed diagnosis of pneumonia associated with coronavirus infection, who recovered or were discharged from the hospital in a year or three months. Experts assessed how the disease affected the broncho-pulmonary and cardiovascular systems during a 12-month observation period. This made it possible to determine predictors of such complications, which were expressed in changes in the structure and function of tissues.

It turned out that such people have an increase in cardiovascular disorders such as arterial hypertension and chronic heart failure.

< p> In the future, experts plan to create a model that allows predicting the adverse consequences of the disease in the long term in various groups of patients who have had coronavirus infection.