The CEC denied the violation of the rights of foreign agents in the elections to the State Duma

The head of the CEC Pamfilova said that foreign agents were not impressed in their electoral rights

in the rights at the last elections to the State Duma in September. The head of the Central Election Commission of Russia, Ella Pamfilova, during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, denied violations of the rights of this category of citizens, TASS reports.

Pamfilova noted the high competition in the elections, in which 14 parties took part. According to her, there were three times less registration denials than in the 2016 Duma elections. The head of the Central Election Commission reminded the President that at the federal level one foreign agent candidate was admitted, and in the regions “six people participated along with everyone else.”

, they took part on equal terms with everyone else – and observed and covered – in accordance with all the laws that are in effect, just like everyone else, ”Pamfilova said.

During the conversation with Pamfilova Putin spoke about the work of the law on foreign agents. According to the president, the law must meet the goals for which it was created, and at the same time not violate the rights of citizens. He also stressed that he shares the opinion of the head of the CEC on the need to make some changes to the law in order to make it more “effective and targeted.”

At the end of December 2020, Putin signed a law regulating the activities of individuals recognized by foreign agents and organizations that are engaged in political activities in Russia with foreign funds. The bill provides for mandatory labeling of materials of individuals and organizations that have the status of foreign agents.