Sberbank launched its own sales house to sell advertising

SberCeller Sales House will develop and sell SberCell's advertising products Index 20 ”, which previously sold display advertising for the assets of the Rambler & Co media holding. This was reported to in the press service of Sber.

SberCeller entered the SberInteyment group of companies, which unites entertainment and advertising assets of the Sber ecosystem. The new sales house will focus on selling the advertising inventory of the ecosystem, and also plans to enter the external market.

Among the upcoming initiatives of SberCeller are the creation of advertising tools based on the ecosystem data set and the development of products together with other subsidiaries of Sber. One of the first sales house projects will be the exclusive sale of advertisements based on the AVOD model on the Okko multimedia service.

The new sales house will allow combining the multifaceted advertising capabilities of the Sberbank ecosystem to create unique product solutions and will open for advertisers a variety of options for communicating with the audience, says Natalya Dmitrieva, CEO of SberSeller. “The main challenge in 2022 is building up expertise in the implementation of ecosystem projects, offering the market advertising tools that can solve the problems of different levels of the sales funnel, accumulating experience and analytics to optimize and increase the effectiveness of products,” noted Natalya Dmitrieva.

With the arrival of Natalia Dmitrieva to the position of CEO of Index 20 in March 2021, new business areas were created in the structure of the sales house to build and develop relationships with partners. Thanks to this, the team was able to assemble and launch a product line in the shortest possible time, which united several assets of the huge Sber ecosystem in 360˚ at once, and also formed the basis for an advertising product that covers all parts of the sales funnel and includes an assessment of the effectiveness of each channel. Sales house management managed to show an increase of 64 percent (compared to the same period in May-June 2020) three months after the appointment of Natalya Dmitrieva, in the third quarter of 2021, sales grew by 75 percent.



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