Santa Claus spoke about the requests of Russians

Santa Claus: modern children most often ask for gadgets, adults want apartments said Santa Claus from a Moscow estate in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“The little man is a cast of an adult, right? They ask for these, as they are, the stupid word is “gadgets”. And toys are only changing, becoming more cybernetic-electric. And so, dolls, sweets … And the parents are all credit, yes credit. I don’t know how to help, ”said Santa Claus.

At the same time, adults, according to Santa Claus, most often ask him for an apartment in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

“As if I’m a builder! I can still build a bast, ice-cold one, strain club-footed bears and fidgety bunnies there. And let them think too. And what am I, I am a magician, but not for everyone in a row, but only for those who deserve it, “Santa Claus explained.

Earlier, the Russians named the most desirable gifts they would like to receive on year from Santa Claus, if they had such an opportunity. The majority of Russian residents (64 percent) said they would ask for health for themselves and their loved ones for the New Year, while the remaining 36 percent would like to be happy, travel, earn more or have a child.