Rashkin was summoned for interrogation as a suspect in the case of illegal hunting

State Duma Deputy Rashkin was summoned for interrogation in the TFR as a suspect in the case of illegal hunting

confessed to killing a moose in the Saratov region, was summoned for interrogation to the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) as a suspect in a criminal case on illegal hunting. This was told by another member of the communist faction in the lower house of parliament Sergei Obukhov, RIA Novosti reported on Friday, December 3.

Part 2 of Article 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Illegal hunting”).

According to the investigation, on the night of October 28-29, Rashkin, together with his acquaintances, hunted a moose without permission. After killing the animal, they hid the weapon, butchered the carcass and put it in the trunk. There the loot was found by the employees of the hunting management committee of the Saratov region, who stopped the deputy's car.

On November 25, the deputies voted to deprive Rashkin of parliamentary immunity. In October 2021, police stopped the deputy's car in the Saratov region, in the trunk of which they found a dead elk. The communist initially said that he found the carcass in the forest, however, later confessed to killing the animal.