Possible specialties for obtaining in the decree are named

State Duma Deputy Stenyakina: women on maternity leave can get a profession and work remotely

Yekaterov Stenyakina, in an interview with Ura.ru, named a number of specialties that women can receive remotely while on maternity leave.

“If you go to the website of the Employment Center of the Russian Federation, select your region, you will see that you can simply amazing specialties: targeting profession, web designer, graphic designer, copywriter. Marketplace manager – she's brand new. These are all the professions that a young mother can master. She can be on maternity leave at home with her child and work remotely, “the deputy said.

In addition, she noted that these professions are very relevant in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, especially specialties related to the development of marketplaces and the huge Internet -shops. Stenyakina added that employment services are quickly mastering and preparing specialists for these large platforms. She also recalled that a project is being implemented in the country dedicated to the employment of the population, aimed at helping different categories of the population.

Earlier, the family and child psychologist Ekaterina Burmistrova spoke about the advantages of joint maternity leave for father and mother. In her opinion, the joint decree is a contribution to family relationships, health and psyche of the child.