Malakhov admitted his desire to leave television at the beginning of his career

Andrey Malakhov wanted to quit his job on TV, because he imagined it differently Andrei Malakhov spoke about his desire to leave television at the beginning of his career. The journalist admitted that he wanted to quit his job on TV, because he represented it in a completely different way. The showman wrote about this on his Instagram.

According to Malakhov, working on TV has always been his childhood dream. However, when the journalist, while still a student at Moscow State University, began his career in television, it turned out that his ideas about the work of the television center employees differed from reality. “The festive atmosphere, which I dreamed about and which I observed through the“ blue screen ”, is the result of the work of professionals, and not the real life of the TV center. Only one week was enough for a student of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University to doubt his former desires, “the showman said.

As Malakhov shared, he had a desire to quit his television career” and not return. ” However, this did not happen. The TV presenter clarified that he got a job as a junior editor and began to spend a lot of time in the studio. According to the journalist, at that time he carried out everyday tasks of senior colleagues, but at the same time he watched them and learned from them. “The errand boy fed on information. Watching the masters, eagerly absorbing the subtleties, nuances and secrets of the profession. This is not taught in institutes, “the TV presenter recalled.

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