KVN explained gratitude to the wanted businessmen

Trofimov from the KVN team of BSU: our team did not know that sponsors were wanted

Member of the KVN team of the Belarusian State University (BSU) Alexander Trofimov explained his gratitude for sponsorship to the wanted businessmen Roman Semiokhin, Sergey Karshkov and Dmitry Kazorin, which sounded in the release in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Club. News.ru writes about this.

According to Trofimov, he is not familiar with Semiokhin, Karshkov and Kazorin. The KVN participant assured that none of the team knew about the search by law enforcement agencies of their sponsors. In addition, Trofimov said that he found out about the sponsors only from media reports about the businessmen's connections with criminals.

According to the kaveenschik, a week before the trip of the KVN team to Moscow to shoot the TV game, it turned out that BSU refused to finance them. After that, the members of the group “threw a call to their acquaintances.” “How did it happen that these people eventually became our sponsors? I do not have information, “Trofimov said.

The editor of the Major League of KVN Mikhail Marfin, commenting on the incident with gratitude to the wanted entrepreneurs, said that the information about the sponsors to the host of the “Club of the cheerful and resourceful” is given by the teams. According to Marfin, AMiK (Alexander Maslyakov and Company, KVN producer – comment of Lenta.ru ) has no way of checking whether certain sponsors are on the wanted list.

“If people gave money, then what's the difference whether they are involved in the criminal case or not. They don’t stop being sponsors from this, ”said the KVN editor. At the same time, Marfin added that he does not know much about legal issues and considers the hype around gratitude to the three businessmen “hype.” festive release dedicated to the 60th anniversary of KVN. The aforementioned businessmen are the creators of a large online casino 1xBet, banned and blocked in Russia. According to the data of the Investigative Committee of Russia, entrepreneurs are on the international wanted list for illegal organization and conduct of gambling using the Internet.