Fully vaccinated person in Australia infected with omicron COVID-19

ABC: COVID-19 variant omicron detected in Australia in a fully vaccinated person

vaccinated person who has not traveled abroad. This is reported by ABC.

The local Ministry of Health has listed all the places where the infected person has been. Residents of the capital who were in these areas must fill out an appropriate declaration and pass tests.

Health authorities recorded four more cases of infection with the new variant of COVID-19. Three patients were admitted to the intensive care unit, but none of them required ventilation.

Earlier, the head of the South African Ministry of Health Joe Paahla said that the new omicron strain of coronavirus causes a mild form of the disease in people who have been vaccinated, however the unvaccinated may face hospitalization. South Africa has evidence that the omicron variant of COVID-19 is easily transmitted from person to person, the official said.