Flight attendants reveal the strangest requests of wealthy plane passengers

The flight attendant of Qatar Airways spoke about the passenger's request to pour champagne into his mouth with whom they have met over the course of their work. Vice writes about this.

A Qatar Airways stewardess, who chose to hide her last name, told how in the first week of work she had to face an unpleasant, according to her, 80-year-old businessman who was sitting in first class and drinking champagne.

“The strangest thing was that he demanded that I pour champagne into his mouth. We were taught what to do in such situations, but because of my childhood fear of authority figures, I didn't know what to do. I was stunned, “the stewardess revealed the truth.

Steffi Kingham, a flight attendant from India, recalled how during one of the flights to Quebec (Canada) she got into a conversation with a passenger. Just 15 minutes after the start of the conversation, the woman began to persuade the stewardess to marry her son and move to Canada with him.

Another airline employee told about a strange passenger with three children who flew to Dubai in business class. The woman announced to the crew that the family's nanny was ill, so the flight attendants must entertain her offspring during the flight. Also, the mother of the family asked if the pilot or the stewardess knew any tricks, but when she received a negative answer, she fell into a rage and threw a tantrum.

Stewardess Jiang Quan from China called the proposal of one an elderly passenger who became ill during a flight from Beijing to Urumqi. As the flight attendant admitted, when the man felt unwell, she had to look after him and pay attention to him, despite the fact that the Chinese man threw lustful glances at her feet.

“All the time he had a calm expression, but closer to at the end of the flight, he invited me to be his sugar baby, ”Quan shared the story.

Earlier in June, a British private jet stewardess who served billionaires and princes spoke about the intrigues that were taking place on board before her eyes. A business aviation employee published a memoir. In the book, the woman described how she worked for the Saudi prince and witnessed his betrayal.