Berlin banned dancing in nightclubs

The Berlin government has banned dancing in nightclubs due to the coronavirus This is reported by RIA Novosti from the words of Christian Gebler, head of the Moscow government's chancellery.

At a press conference, the official said that clubs can provide visitors with “gastronomic services”, but they cannot organize discos. Thus, it will be possible to dance outdoors, but only for those who have received the coronavirus vaccine or have recently had an illness.

Also, government agencies are instructed to accept only citizens with antibodies or a negative PCR test for coronavirus. The same restrictions are imposed on the operation of public transport. The innovations will take effect on December 8 and will continue to operate until January 2, 2022.

Earlier in November, the leader of the German Green Party Katrin Goering-Eckardt spoke in support of the introduction of compulsory coronavirus vaccination for all citizens of Germany. In her opinion, a strict lockdown and restriction of social contacts are more stringent requirements than a call for vaccinations.



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