American diplomats' phones hacked with spyware

WP: Apple warns 11 US diplomats about spyware jailbreaking their iPhone using spyware from the Israeli firm NSO Group. The Washington Post reported this.

“Apple has warned 11 US diplomats that their iPhones have been jailbroken in recent months using spyware from the NSO Group, an Israel-based company that helps government clients in dozens of countries secretly steal files, eavesdrop on conversations and track the movements of their targets, “the material says.

The publication also cites a statement from the NSO Group. The company said it had suspended accounts of unnamed customers due to reports of hacks and claimed that its Pegasus program does not work on phones with US numbers.

It is not known if diplomats who received reports of hacks were in the United States. States or foreign countries.

Earlier, Apple announced that it is suing the Israeli company NSO Group, which is the developer of Pegasus software for jailbreaking iPhone. The company said in a statement that the software was created under a government order and specifically collected information about the actions of victims.